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Liteboho Senyane





University of Johannesburg

Level of Study



Bone tool use-wear analysis

Liteboho Senyane was born in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. She undertook her undergraduate studies at the National University of Lesotho with a double major of

Environmental History and Development studies. After completing this degree, she worked

in the Heritage Management sector in Lesotho before moving on to work for the Lesotho

Highlands Development Authority in partnership with PGS Heritage. She furthered her

studies at the University of Johannesburg where she earned her Honors in Anthropology

under the Paleo-Research Institute. Her work focuses on use-trace analysis of bone tools

with the aim of broadening our understanding of southern African archeological

assemblages of worked bone. She is currently pursuing her Masters’ at UJ with plans to

undertake PhD in the same field. She is also working at the University of Johannesburg as a

tutor and Writing Center Consultant. “My passion for education has always driven me to

want to provide support to any student who might need a helping hand”.

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