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Henry Nakale

SADC Representative




Sol Plaatje University/Windhoek City Museum

Level of Study



Archaeology and Heritage Conservation

Henry Napandulwe Nakale is an archaeologist and heritage practitioner with a Master's Degree in Tangible Heritage Management, a Bachelor of Honors in Heritage, Museum and Preservation Studies, and a Bachelor of Honors in Archaeology and Heritage studies from the University of Pretoria and the University of Great Zimbabwe. With a passion for exploration and a commitment to preserving cultural heritage, Henry's career has been a journey of discovery and advocacy. Henry, an Assistant Curator at Windhoek City Museum in Namibia, is passionate about heritage preservation and collaborating with local communities to share stories of the past. Henry believes in the power of heritage to foster a sense of identity and pride among communities, contributing to a collective understanding of our global heritage. He is actively engaged in securing funding for his PhD studies which is focused on Reconstructing Namibia’s Stone Age Landscape Patterns and their Human Settlement Habits. Henry's professional career spans across the globe, uncovering hidden civilizations and revealing the interconnectedness of cultures. His expeditions include Leopard's Cave excavation and the documentation of rock art paintings in the Spitzkoppe mountains. Henry envisions archaeology and heritage preservation as crucial for societal values and understanding.

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